Billboard Advertising Formats & Media Options

One of the largest traditional sectors of Outdoor is billboard advertising, with 48 sheets being the most popular. Many companies also use 96 sheets to provide greater impact at premium sites, most of which are target in densely populated catchment areas.

There are some excellent landmark sites available which have been selected due to their key locations. A great example of this would be sites located on the M4, the main route from Heathrow into the city. This is excellent for targeting both business and tourist clients. Billboards are definitely one of the most popular Out of Home advertising.

48 sheet advertising billboard48 sheets
The largest billboard format situated in premium locations with high VAC. “Visibility adjusted contact”.
96 sheet advertising billboard96 sheets
The most popular of large format billboard advertising, allows you to reach your audience on a local, regional or national level.
hd 48 sheet advertising  billboardHD 48 sheet
A unique, revolutionary one sheet poster communicating your brand in high definition.
hd 96 sheet advertising  billboardHD 96 sheet
A unique, revolutionary one sheet poster communicating your brand in high definition on the largest billboard format.
prism advertising billboardLenticular/Prism/wave
A triple revolving poster creating impact through movement. Available in 48 and 96 sheet.
scrolling 48 sheet  advertising billboardScrolling 48
Scrolling 48 sheets are all backlit and boxed premium sites giving an eye catching roadside display.
backlit 48 sheet advertising billboardBacklit 48 & 96
Showcase your brand 24 hours a day with this illuminated billboard.
mega 6 advertising billboardMega 6
The largest portrait outdoor format situated in key locations giving you premium opportunity to showcase your creative.
halo mega 6 advertising billboardHalo mega 6
The light around the Mega 6 can be set to display a specific colour within the light spectrum to compliment your portrait creative.
golden squares advertising billboardGolden squares
The unique 20 ft square delivers massive standout showcasing your brand. All panels are illuminated and within key London boroughs.
landmark advertising  billboardLandmark
Unique premium formats throughout the UK. Target commuters on main arterial routes in and out of London with massive traffic flow at each site.
3d advertising billboard3D builds
Literally reach your audience with these 3D billboards individually built for your campaign.
Specially built advertising  billboardSpecial build
Go beyond the traditional poster and bring your advertising to life.