London Iconic Sites

Position your brand at the forefront of outdoor advertising with Out of Home International, using powerful iconic outdoor sites across the bustling city of London.

Located throughout the capital, various platforms are available which will powerfully place your brand in front of key decision-makers and leading urban professionals, covering retail, roadside, airport and railway advertising.


This unavoidable method of communication will allow your brand to stand out in one of the world’s leading cities, blanketing everyone from local residents to international tourists. Whether you’re looking for a cherry-picked site or whether you want to add weight to a multi-format campaign, Out of Home International will find the right media solution to amplify your presence in London.


Iconic outdoor London advertising sites will integrate your brand into a city populated with over 8 million residents, and which annually attracts an additional 15 million international visitors. The vast creative space of these iconic sites guarantees extended dwell time and delivers a high-impact message, ensuring that your brand is easily recalled thanks to its position on prominent outdoor structures.


Out of Home International can refine your campaign to exclusively access relevant audiences, taking into account location, time, social demographic and even the weather. Iconic site formats include digital LED screens, 96 sheet billboards, 48 sheet billboards, mega 6 sheets, mega 96 sheets, banners, media walls and premium London Underground advertising.


To enquire about iconic outdoor London advertising, please contact Out of Home International on 0845 154 0867.