Motorway & Roadside Iconic Sites

Stand out across the UK landscape, with motorway and roadside advertising opportunities from media specialists Out of Home International.

Powerful roadside mediums are available to offer instant, unavoidable coverage for your brand, with additional dwell time provided during periods of heavy traffic.


High profile roadside locations are able to evoke an immediate response thanks to tactical positioning and striking creative spaces, with enhanced impact delivered by backlit or digital screens. Out of Home International can project your campaign from some of the UK’s most frequented transport corridors, constantly clocking up impressions across everyone from local residents to international tourists.


Motorway and roadside advertising can give your advert the support it needs to be able to permeate its target audience, whether this means directing road users towards your business or showcasing fashion or entertainment brands in proximity to retail hubs.


Out of Home International manage a comprehensive portfolio of motorway and roadside advertising sites, including digital LED screens, building wraps, 6 sheet billboards, 96 sheet billboards, 48 sheet billboards, mega 6 sheets, mega 96 sheets, banners, phone boxes, lampposts, bus shelters and motorway trailers.


To enquire about motorway and roadside advertising, please contact Out of Home International on 0845 154 0867.