Shopping Mall Iconic Sites

Publicise your brand across UK shopping centres and malls with Out Of Home International, showcasing your campaign through the heart of major retail spaces.

Shopping centre advertising is a powerful method of reaching your target audience at the point of purchase, boosting your product while they are already prepared to spend.


Shopping centres are often presented as a full leisure package, with on-site multiplex cinemas, dining areas and bars, therefore increasing the time spent within the grounds of the mall and potentially increasing the number of times each visitor sees your advert.


Your campaign can be booked to suit your brand, such as placing premium and luxury products in proximity to designer stores, or placing your advert outside your own or your competitors’ stores. The likes of touchscreen posters and NFC are a popular source of customer engagement in shopping centre advertising, allowing shoppers to form a relationship with the advertiser or unlock social media and online content.


Shopping centre advertising formats include large format billboards, lift doors, mall 6 sheets, light boxes and restroom panels, targeting audiences as they travel to and from each location as well as the mall interior.

To enquire about shopping centre and mall advertising, please contact Out of Home International on 0845 154 0867.