Interactive Advertising Products, Media and Services

Out of Home advertising often has a bigger impact when the target audience is invited to interact with the brand, either to sample, or to provide feedback. Interactive advertising can use advanced technologies, such as augmented reality or Bluetooth technology. However, the more traditional approach to outdoor advertising such as product sampling, in location displays or canvassing can prove extremely effective.

Augmented reality
Use the latest digital technology to generate a virtual world via bus shelter posters.
Barcode/scan life
Use the latest in mobile technology to drive business to your website or mobile application.
Place your message into the hands of up to 80% of the public who carry a mobile phone with Bluetooth images and messages.
Brand ambassadors
Train people to become fully knowledgeable on your brand and personally interact with your audience.
Bus stops
Interactive bus stops can offer digital screens, video cameras and sampling material when people have the time to stop and use interact.
Use field marketing teams as a form of data capture and allow consumers to experience your brand first hand.
In location displays
Use experienced marketing people to promote your brand in retail stores, supermarkets and shopping malls.
Distribute your product at train stations, reaching your audience at specific times of day and allowing them to experience your brand.
Txt call to action
Place your own dedicated mobile number onto all of your outdoor media with an immediate call to action. Can be used as a form of data collection.