Costs for advertising totargeted audience and lifestyles

OOH International can provide pricing for a one off individual format or we can assist you with a multimillion pound outdoor campaign, many of our customers already work with agencies and designers but also like the specialities and knowledge that we offer. OOH International offers you full accountable campaigns and can also offer you numerous statistical information based on the contract or services you require. Every client is different and we understand this, you can now book your campaign direct with us and receive the guarantee you are buying your outdoor media service for the best price in the industry.

“Time is money” and OOH International are here to give you some of this time back for free.

Please contact a member of our planning and buying team to discuss options for your business using the following products on 0208 003 3532.

Showcase your brand 24 hours a day with this illuminated billboard.
The most popular of large format billboard advertising, allows you to reach your audience on a local, regional or national level.
Digital displays
Portrait screens create high impact at the point of purchase with full-motion animated ads.
Specialist exhibits
are available in airports and shopping centres allowing you the opportunity to engage more with your audience.
Wraps and clings
this product is specific to airports , barnding in the baggage reclaim area offers great dwell times for advertising messages.
Shopping trolleys
Target by store and by company. Create impulse purchases by placing your product in the consumers mind throughout their shopping experience.
Sports ground
Communicate with a captive audience that translates beyond outdoor and into TV.