Roadside & Street Advertising

Whether walking to the corner shop or driving to work, the decision to promote your brand on the street opens up a range of doorways for your campaign.

Advertising on roadside presents a multitude of street-level opportunities, targeting your audience while they are engaged in some form of transportation. OOH International can provide your campaign with enormous opportunities across many roadside advertising mediums. Surfaces such as phone boxes and lamp-posts can be transformed from outdoor furniture into purveyors of your business, with options escalating as far as fully wrapped buildings and motorway trailers.

The commuter of today spends more time out of their home than previously in history, which means that your publicity will be vastly strengthened by a carefully organised plan. As advertising platforms have the possibility of illumination, there is nothing limiting your visibility – from dusk until dawn, your brand can unavoidably walk alongside the public as they engage in their daily journeys.

Many advertisers consider roadside advertising formats an integral part of their outdoor budget. OOH International has formed partnerships with many media owners, thus enabling you target numerous sites throughout the UK – you can even specify campaigns in postcode areas.