Premier League Advertising

Allow your brand to reach millions of national and international football fans, with sports ground advertising at Premier League football matches.

With all stadiums holding tens of thousands of fans, this advertising opportunity could project your campaign across a focused and recurring audience, also offering you the flexibility of pinpointing select locations.

Premier League football advertising will enable you to reach some of the most dedicated and expansive audiences in the UK, capturing fans whilst they are amidst an engaging and emotional atmosphere. Your brand could maximise on this excitement, positioning your advert at the forefront of major football matches between some of the biggest teams in the world.

Advertising at Premier League sports grounds gives you the opportunity to refine your strategy depending upon your target audience. Team sponsorship demands that you are attached to one site throughout the season, whereas utilising outdoor advertising at the grounds themselves offers you the chance to exclusively reach areas that are relevant to you, ensuring that there is no advertising wastage.

The English Premier League contains the most successful teams in the country, attracting significant match visitors and securing extensive television and media coverage. The league includes globally recognised teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, giving your campaign substantial exposure as supporters faithfully follow these iconic clubs.

Advertising formats at Premier League football grounds include perimeter boards, concourse television, jumbo screens, restroom panels, interactive marketing, plus proximity outdoor formats to capture fans travelling to and from matches, such as billboard advertising, mobile advans, bus advertising and rail advertising.

It is also possible to measure audience engagement through Premier League advertising, as adverts can display social media hashtags or telephone numbers that are unique to your campaign.

Premier League advertising is the perfect opportunity for clients that do not want to be missed at busy sporting events.

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